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Month: October, 2009


Hey what up?  Sorry I haven’t been writing much – the fall is hard for me, and I get myself into a funk.  I was somewhat depressed over the weekend, but now I have an idea for a new project for one of my classes.  It’s actually an idea that I read somewhere else a few weeks ago, but I have ideas as to how I’m going to use it.  It’s a memoir project.  The idea is that for each letter of the alphabet, you tell a different story from your life.  You might say, A is for Accident, and then tell about an accident that you had.  We are going to do one letter a week.  Meanwhile, we are still going to work on memorizing a poem, and we are going to talk about the mechanics of poetry.  We will also read some other people’s memoirs.  Yeah!  I am so excited about this work.  Can’t wait to get started.  I think we will start with my favorite idea generator ever – you take about 5 minutes and write down a list of all the people you can remember from your life.  From there, you make a list of important moments in your life… using that list to come up with ideas for your memoirs.  Ok, have a good day.  ❤ Sheila



It’s Saturday, and I have had quite a day.  I wouldn’t be able to point out any one thing from today to sum it up, rather, it’s been a hodgepodge of strange events, sharp contrasts, old memories gurgling, and artistic ambition calling.

The most important thing I did today was hang out at the Sculpture Garden by the Walker.  I have been thinking a bit about what I want the cover of Someotherville to look like, and I had an idea.  Let me go get my notes, and I will tell you what I was thinking:

Make a scale model of the Irene Hixton Whitney Bridge and the Sculpture Garden out of yarn and wire, both knit and crochet.

Steps:  Measure and inventory – 10-17-09 11 am

One of my regular footsteps = 1 (one stitch???)

For park, walk, keep track of where sidealks go.  For sculptures, walk around them, as clas as possible, estimate hight, sketch.

Don’t use the Internet.  Do the math myself.  If it’s not perfect, that’s ok.  Loring?  Maybe trail off like an apron – part f loring, but certainly not all.

When this is done, photo of my version = cover art.

Tday I was thinking of some new project, if each step we take in life is like a stutch, we could map a day = wat to do with thime in car, though?  Yarn would just stretch loose until the next place – stitch where your feet hit the groind”  Stimfferer to make yarn math up woth roads?  Or wire?  could do this sti hing on a street map…

I was just thinking of how I feel more and more that I am turning into an artist, and I look up to see:

A sketch I did while sitting in the car next to Loring Park

A sketch I did while sitting in the car next to Loring Park

Visiting with the Dead

sacrificed everything through no intent

wanted to hold on, yet there it went

no hand holds in reach now

just one cold marble stone

and memories ricocheting

song fragments say it best

and allow me to lay my head

down to rest in a world

where a 21 gun salute

or a memorial held in a gym

are all that’s left of

him and him, those events

and the thoughts in my head

my unreliable, mortal memories

I hope they are enough.

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