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Month: November, 2008

Can’t Wait to Vote

Hi All,

I am so excited to vote tomorrow – it doesn’t even seem real that there might be an opportunity to live in a new America.  I have been a dem since I was a little little kid, and unlike some of the other identities that I had as a little kid, (Catholic, anti-choice, frightened of my own shadow) dem has pretty much stuck.  I wouldn’t mind if they got a little more liberal, as a group, start making sure that everyone could marry another person of mutual choice, stop talking about “killing” Bin Laden (honestly, jail for life would be better to me) stuff like that, but overall, I guess I’m fairly comfortable with being a dem…and now it seems like we might have a chance to see if it works or not.

I’m sitting in the same house I was in when Reagan creamed Carter in 1980.  I remember walking to school and the bully of the class asked me who my parents were for.  When I told him, he laughed, pointed at me, and said I was backing a loser.  I didn’t even know what the hell was going on, but I wanted to show that we weren’t losers.  And I think it’s fitting that the bully of the school was the first open republican that I knew.  Draw your own conclusions.

My point is, I feel like a 6th grader again.  I hope strongly that my guy wins, I’m loving the fact that I can vote.  I hope that Obama wins tomorrow.  Hope feels good.  I am reserved, but I have to say, even reserved hope feels good.

If you’re reading this before you vote, please do go vote.  Your vote is a piece of democratic gold, only redeemable tomorrow.  🙂  See you at the polls!!



Biology Poem

The idea that all our cells

are replaced

every seven years

frees me to


forgive myself

for thinks that happened

so long ago

my body doesn’t even remember –

but oh, those stories

have been passed down.

Dash it all, I keep forgetting to write!

Hello all,

It’s time again for me to make my perennial complaint:  I forgot to write all week!

I don’t even know if anyone has been checking out my blog, but if so, I apologize to you, and thank you for your patience.  🙂  I suppose I should have something to write about right now, but I really don’t.  So I shall babble until I feel inspired to talk about something real.

Something real, like the presidential elections.  I can’t wait.  I have been eagerly anticipating it for months, and I just can’t wait.  But if Obama doesn’t win, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Probably go into a depression deeper than the economic one we’re (theoretically) facing. Hopefully it goes our way.  Audacious.

I am working on getting the house ready for a future sale, nervous about that, enjoying my dog immensely, guess that’s about all.  So, yeah, inspiration never struck, but you can’t win them all.

Take Care,

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