Starting an Etsy site

Hi folks. So I’m starting an Etsy site. If you haven’t heard of Etsy, it’s a site to buy and sell handmade or vintage crafts. I am going with the handmade. I’ve found myself beading all kinds of things since my good friend Amy taught me what she knows of her traditional Native American beading that was passed down to her by her mother. I enjoy beading, can’t seem to stop, actually.

I am working on getting ideas together for a booth at the Pride TC festival in June. I am making hand beaded headbands (super cute) with lots of rainbow themes. I am also going to sell plastic rainbow headbands that I will personalize in some way.

I am also going to make beaded rose bouquets and pins, both in traditional red and white as well as fun rainbow colors.

Since I don’t know if I can fill up a whole table worth of stuff in just 3 months of work time, I’m also inviting some of my artist friends to set out some of their work. I am excited that artist Elizabeth Preble has agreed to do some small pieces – if you’ve been looking for her work, you can plan to spend $30-40 dollars on a small painting – she says they’re good for hanging up or using as a coaster… whatever you like. Personally I’d hang them up.