I went to a tra…

I went to a training about brain development on Friday, and it has had a huge impact on me.  I think there are three main things that I took away from the training:

1 – When I am depressed, I can do something for myself by using positive thoughts to create new neural pathways.

2 – I am doing the right thing by taking 5-HTP, B12 and SAM-e.

3 – I need to get more sleep to help myself be mentally healthy.

4- (bonus!) I like the idea that everything I do today – the things I eat, the movements of my body, and the thoughts I think, are all laying the tracks for who I will be and how I will feel six months from now.

For some reason, the idea that what I do and eat and think will have a six month effect seems a lot more appealing to me than thinking that there will be a huge change right away.