Good morning, Yoga and metaphors.

And a good day to you.

Something I was thinking when I woke up this morning was that metaphors can so often only be explained through the employment of another metaphor.  As I was considering this, I thought of several metaphors which would illustrate what I mean.  This made me laugh.  Laughing reminded me of my yoga practice yesterday with my amazing yoga teacher, Leslie.

We were doing what we always do, but what I do not feel I understand.  We were contemplating awareness.  I had a revelation as we were practicing.  It was like two bars that are supposed to line up end to end were slightly ajar, and they suddenly, but gently slid into place.  I shifted a bit.  Leslie said something about awareness, noticing awareness, I think, and I realized that what she’s talking about has been right in front of me the whole time.  And I can clearly remember myraid times when I have experienced exactly what I experienced in the studio, was aware of my experience, and just didn’t have a name for it.  It feels strange, like seeing a word that I never knew or understood and then suddenly I can read it and know its meaning.

Anyway, I am trying to carry that awareness further into my ‘regular life.’  Ha ha.  I just realized the absurdity of writing that.  But at least I entertain myself.  Of course yoga is part of my regular life – it’s not special, it’s part of the fabric of what I’m doing here.  I find that I can apply principals that we use with our physical bodies to my mental state.  But the key is awareness.  How is it possible that we are awake so much of the time, and yet unaware?  And being unaware is kind of neutral but kind of miserable.

And with that I say, good morning to you.  Sheila