About Sheila

Sheila McMahon is an English teacher and writer who lives in Minnesota.  She loves her 5 cats and her dog.  She is married to another writer, Jay McMahon. Sheila works at PEASE Academy in Dinkytown, MN.

She would use these words to describe herself:  Peacemonger; Happily Atheist; Happily Married (even though she feels guilty since her Gay friends don’t enjoy the same rights, and she thinks that is reprehensible); Writer; Knitter, Cute as a Button (very subjective category of persons, as it requires a working knowledge of exactly how cute buttons actually are – she happens to think they’re rather cute.); Sometimes Democrat but mostly Independent; Not a Complete Dud.

Sheila is working on a website, www.sheilamcmahon.com, where you will find the first two sections of her novel, Someotherville.

Want More ‘About Sheila?’

I have been peeking around on other people’s blogs, and I have noticed that other folks have a lot more info on their “about so and so” pages.  Hmmm.  What would you like to know?

I went to the U of MN, majored in Theater Arts and then I decided to become a teacher, so I double majored in English as a back up – which worked out well because I got to teach Theater for a while, and now I teach English.  🙂  My post-bac work was also at the U of MN.  I got my teaching licensure there, and I have as of yet to finish my M. Ed.  I was to be finishing it this month, but I got knocked off track.  That’s ok.  Next month is good enough.

I have been a teacher for 10 years.  11?  I’m not sure.  Ha.  But I have quit many times.  Thankfully now I have found a place where I fit in.  It’s a small sober school in Dinkytown – blocks from where I lived when I decided to become a teacher.  This year will be my 5th year there.  Awesome.  I love it because everything is out on the table – the majority of the kids have been through treatment, so many of the issues are known.  Unlike my experience at larger schools.

Jay and I moved to Florida shortly after we got married.  We didn’t have a plan, we just loaded up our stuff and moved.  Looking back, it was pretty foolish.  But I love that we did it.  That’s where I got to be a real Drama teacher.  My schedule was nuts – I had no prep time, none. And I ran an after school program.  We did 5 plays that year, including a musical.  WTF.  How was I able to do that???  We even took a show on the road – a one act that Jay and I wrote together.  We took it to State.  Didn’t do that well…

And after a year and a half there, we did it again – moved to Chicago without much of a plan either.  At least when we moved to Chicago we had an apartment secured before we got there.  I taught at 2 schools there – got very burned out.  We would have stayed in Chicago, but my Mom had to have some pretty major surgeries, and we thought that maybe she would need a lot of help afterward.  We moved back 6 years ago, Mom had her surgeries and they went great, and somehow we ended up buying my childhood home from my parents.

We weren’t going to stay here that long, but of course the housing market crashed and it’s hard to make change, so we are still here.  And I don’t want to move back to Chicago because I love my job.  It comes up all the time – Jay misses it there.  We’ll see what happens in the future, but I think that as long as my school is still running and they keep hiring me back, we’ll be in Minneapolis.