Getting a Kickstarter Campaign going.

by Sheila Path McMahon

When I heard about, I thought it sounded cool, but I didn’t realize that I would ever use it.  Once I went to the website and started exploring, though, I saw that Publishing is one of their categories.  I got really excited, because I have a novel that I completed and that I had been  planning to publish. 

My problem was that I didn’t know really how to publish, and I certainly knew that I didn’t have enough money to publish it.  My original plan had been to go ahead and publish e-book versions, because that is very inexpensive, and then if I generated any money I was going to use the money to do a paper book launch.  But… that would, I think, have deflated any excitement about the launch, and I’m not sure that it would have had any chances at being reviewed by anyone.  

I still am not certain that it will ever be reviewed, but at least with Kickstarter, I will be able to launch all the platforms at the same time, and to me that seems better.  

Creating a project on Kickstarter is easy.  The website is very user friendly and I had no problems navigating around to the different pages and no problems with putting in my content.  I did get some help with the video, thanks to my good friend Josh Kortas, because for some reason the video I took of myself with my phone wasn’t that great. 😉  And you don’t have to do a video, although I believe your chances of getting funded are better if you do.  

Anyway, the whole site is easy to use, you can go back in and edit easily, there’s not problems with that. My thing is, it did take me a long time to do everything because there’s just a lot to say.  There are the rewards to decide upon, and to word nicely… I went to a LOT of other novelist’s projects to see what they were doing for rewards, and I found that the rewards descriptions were sort of dull, so I went back in tried to make mine reflect my voice, rather than just listing what people would get.  I don’t know how effective that will be, but I felt better about it.  

It’s a little intimidating to make a bunch of promises of what people will get for sponsoring, but it’s fun, too.

The other parts just seemed to write themselves – pretty simple, really.  Describe the project, tell what you will use the money for, and make up good rewards.  It took me about a month to get it to where I like it, and I think that’s fine.  Less time, and I think some parts would have felt unfinished.  More time, and gosh, you can second guess yourself to death. 

I submitted my project, “Someotherville: A Novel” last night, and it should be approved soon *unless I did something wrong* and then I will launch it through the end of Sept ’12.  

I was thinking that I want more than just an online presence, so I made up a postcard with the cover art on one side and a blurb for the book and my cover artist, Katherine Clayton, who is participating in the LOLA art crawl event this weekend, is handing them out, and I am sending them to friends and acquaintances this week.  Whew.

Meanwhile, I have a full time job, which I should probably go to right now, so bye – thanks for reading!  Sheila