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Month: May, 2008

Vegan Cookies

Howdy, Friends.

I did make some cookies today, totally vegan, totally delicious.  They are chocolate cookies – one of the major flavors is strawberry jam.  It called for raspberry, which would most likely have been yummier, but the strawberry was what I had, and it was quite tasty, too.

We also had potstickers, asparagus, and rice for dinner.  Damn, I can cook.  I didn’t use any oil on the potstickers and they turned out just fine.  You would maybe miss the crispiness; but the flavor is almost the same.

I was going to mention that if you haven’t read Flannery O’Connor lately, you should.  I recommend A Good Man is Hard to Find and The Life You Save May Be Your Own. Just remember when you read her that she was quite the cathoholic, and as my friend mike says, she thoroughly believed you would be going straight to hell when you die.  My students are working on writing short stories as though they are O’Connor, and as though they are a character in the the story.  How would O’Connor describe you?  I shudder to think of how she would describe me.  And I laugh, as well.   Maybe I’ll post the assignment once I write an example story.

Ok, my eyeballs are swimming.  See ya, Sheila


Vegan Plans

I’m not sure why they call it surfing and not drowning…  I started off about 45 minutes ago thinking that I would write a quick post and then go do some cooking.  Well, I forgot my password, and that could have been simple enough to rectify, I filled out a form and was sent an email with my new password, but then I got distracted by the other emails in my inbox.  I figure this process is exactly why I don’t write more often.

So, pointless little rant that I’ll most likely erase later out of the way,  I am writing today. Yaye.

I was thinking that I should write about vegan cooking, since I’m doing some of it today.  I got a tasty little cookbook from my lifepartner, it’s called Veganomicon brought to you by the same folks who wrote Vegan With a Vengeance.  I have had cookies made from a recipe out of vwav, but do not own a copy.  I’ll be making  scones and foccacia in a bit here, then I’ll (hopefully) report back on the results.

meantime, why don’t you go cook something, and then tell me all about it? Sheila

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