Back to Writing!!

Hi there. So, I went to log into my website,, only to discover that it is gone. It is now an advertisement. So I am faced with the question of whether I would like to reup with it – and the answer is, I don’t think so right now. I haven’t been doing anything with it. I had a large section of my unpublished but basically finished novel, Someotherville ,posted, with some glaring errors that haven’t been corrected yet, and that was the whole thing. I don’t know enough about websites to make a really good one, and frankly, I really like wordpress, and I don’t think I need a different site.

I am considering posting part of Someotherville here, but I don’t know if I want to yet. I have been thinking over the fact that I haven’t made a concerted effort to get it published. I don’t know what stops me – I’m happy with the book, I think people would enjoy it – there’s no reason not to work harder, finish the last round of corrections, rework one section just a tad more, because I had a revelation about it, and then send it off to —who? That’s the big question, I guess.

But the small question of whether I should contact the website people and get my site back is easy – no. Not necessary. And if some other Sheila McMahon (and there are a lot of us) should snag it, then good for her.

I’m glad I still have my wordpress blog, and perhaps I should start with rededicating myself to posting here every day. I find myself putting things on facebook that would be more appropriate here, anyway.