Flustery. That’s my best word for this post.

by Sheila Path McMahon

Woah.  I have been so busy that I practically forgot that I have a blog.  That was a little weird.  I have been very caught up in moving from my house, which we (thankfully) sold in a short sale, and working as a high school teacher that I have barely been able to focus on writing, working on the kickstarter campaign, or anything else, for that matter.

Now I am realizing that I have a lot left to do – I am 28% funded for the kickstarter campaign, with 9 days left to go.  I am so grateful to the people who have donated – most of whom are my friends, but one I have never heard of.  I just read a blog that talked about doing a book trailer, and I think I am going to do that.

I am not sure about how to write a three minute script for a 210 page book, but I think that I can start with this:

(A picture of a happy couple)

Everything was going right for Joan and Will.  They were happy and content, both creative and both enjoying their life together.

When Will suddenly has a heart attack and dies, things change for Joan.  She holds an atheist funeral for him, and at the funeral someone says ‘it’s too bad that he never finished writing any of his novels, you could have lived off of the money.’  She has a flash of anger and says that he did finish a novel, and that she’s going to publish it.
After that, it gets really hard to explain.  There are several beginnings of books that she starts to read, and she rules out several pieces before she settles on one called “arlen the quitter” — she loves arlen and wants to continue it, but she also wants to keep everything the same as Will had written it.  She finds that he abandoned it because he had written himself into a corner, but she tries to pick up right where he left off.
She finally ends up writing Will into the novel, and that’s how she deals with her loss.


I don’t know if that would make a good trailer, and there are only 9 days left on my kickstarter project.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1921636231/someotherville-a-novel  — I don’t know.  I think I hate self promotion!!!  🙂

I see that this blog post is unraveling into ?  randomness.  I’m just going to post and go back to sleep.  GOodnight. Sheila